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There are few that can argue - successfully anyway - that there are many better carpet fibres than the fleece from the magnificent sheep. Technically it's pretty perfect, giving excellent durability, dye retention, recovery and softness, but wool also has a far more ethereal impact on the home.


Perhaps it's because its one of nature's renewable resources, or the fact it can make a room feel warmer, or indeed, that it is beautifully soft underfoot, but there is no doubt that a fine wool carpet brings a sense of luxury and serenity to any home.


That said, there is also some variation in wool - there's good and bad - and that's why here at Passobello we only select the finest carpet from the most reputable brands. From Flock Natural Luxury's Laneve to carefully selected wool blends from some of the world's hardiest sheep breeds - hardy sheep make for better carpet - all carpets at Passobello are carefully selected to make sure they harness the very best of wool's inherent qualities.