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While not quite as fast moving as high fashion with its seasonal overhauls, carpet is increasingly trend driven, with brands such as those from Passobello often leading the way in setting the pace. We look to these darlings of carpet fashion and further afield to pick up key trends for the year.


Knitting is no longer the domain of your granny and you're just as likely to find an East London hipster in chilling in a coffee shop binding off as you are at your local WI branch. Knitting is big right now. Never mind balaclavas and mittens, today's knitting is all about embracing your inner crafter and bringing chunky textures and bold colour into the home.

From chunky throws and cushions, to knitted accessories and the classic tea cosy, there's plenty of ways to grab this trend while it's hot. Hues are not acid bright, but range from organic neutrals to warmed through tones but this is a trend firmly focused on texture. Bold chunky knits work great against rich leather Chesterfields and can even hold their own in a contemporary interior, but here opt for on-trend greys and neutrals to not look too out of place.


For the truly bold you can even enjoy the knitted look in carpet with Perendale from Flock Natural Luxury. This gorgeous 100% wool carpet features a delightful cable knit texture in a range of rich natural tones such as Mole, Suede and Damson. Needles at the ready!

Retro icons are everywhere, from upcycled sixties sideboards given a once over with a pop of acid tones to classic Danish and Swedish furniture that remains effortlessly timeless Read more


Tribal pattern is big news right now, with strong geometrics infused with a rich and vibrant palette. Found in cushions, curtains and throws juxtaposed with luxurious fake furs, the tribal movement is all about celebrating how colour and pattern can impact your living space. It's a great trend that can add spice used sparingly in minimalist interiors or to an extra layer of colour and pattern to an already eclectic sense of style.

For those that want to go full bore with the tribal theme, we've got our fingers on the pulse once again with the stunning Fabulous in Emerald by Crucial Trading. Using a palette undoubtedly inspired by African tribes and Middle Eastern nomads, this is carpet that really does embrace colour. If the look is a little on the strong side as a wall-to-wall carpet, why not have it made into a rug or runner with our bespoke programme? Just email us to find out how.


Everybody is pretty tired of boring beige and neutral naturals and colourful patterns are big news. Bright and bold is the name of the game. Crank up the saturation, sit back and enjoy the way it makes you feel!

With a sense of fun and brightness on even the darkest of winter days, a splash of colour is great for the soul. It really does make us feel happier and its impact shouldn't be underestimated. You've only got to look around you to see just how designers use colour to affect your mood when shopping, working or even visiting the dentist or doctors. We love our colour here at Passobello and so we naturally love this trend. If you want to embrace just make sure to fully commit and really go for it, no wishy washy pastels allowed!

Accessories are a great way to introduce this colour but can quite easily be overdone, so use them sparingly. Of course, you could go really bold and show your colourful side with one of the brightest designs in our collection, Audrey by Crucial Trading. This bright, bold and super powerful stripe will look fabulous anywhere and its wide palette gives you plenty of scope to coordinate with carefully selected furniture and accessories.

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