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Retro icons are everywhere, from upcycled sixties sideboards given a once over with a pop of acid tones to classic Danish and Swedish furniture that remains effortlessly timeless, there is no doubt this is one trend that's making itself felt by sticking around.

Pieces such as this stylised bentwood leather lounge chair by G Mobel and S Range sideboard by John & Sylvia Reid for Stag are big right now. Buy these ones at Hertford's Funky Junky here >>

Of course, you could go for a structured neutral to offset the rich wood and worn leather of these key pieces, but those who dare win, so why not try something distinctly retro from the Diversity Collection or the sophisticated Braunes from those good folks at Flock Natural Luxury. Whatever route you go, bold statement furniture really can take a strong carpet design making it a pretty popular trend here at Passobello.

Braunes in Ferdinand makes a sophisticated yet powerful aside to iconic Nordic design pieces >>

With classic design that has stood the test of time, this trend is great at making us feel familiar and comfortable without rooms looking dowdy or fussy.  The clean and simple lines, rich leathers and cherry coloured woods retain a sense of luxury, so what could be better to enhance the vibe than carpets from Passobello.