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For every square metre of carpet we sell, we'll donate £1 to SOS Children, a charity dedicated to the belief that every child should belong to a family and grow up with love, respect and security. The charity prevents children from ending up alone by supporting families to stay together.


If a child can no longer live with their family, SOS Children provides long-term family care in an SOS Children's Village, providing quality education and healthcare in these communities and ensuring  orphaned and abandoned children are given a loving home.


Children in care live in a unique community called an SOS Children's Village. Here, they are cared for by a committed SOS mother and live with other children as an SOS family. Each child is known by name, and SOS Children supports their individual needs until they are independent adults.


Operating in 125 countries, SOS Children provides long-term care for almost 62,000 children in 547 SOS Children's Villages. Or as one of its volunteers likes to say, “We tuck 62,000 children into bed each night".

Visit the SOS Children website to find out how you can get involved >>


Every now and again we'll bring you a total amount raised for SOS Children.



There has been some controversy surrounding charities of late, and that's why we've chosen SOS Children as 100% of the funds raised by Passobello will go straight to supporting a child and not paying a director's inflated wage. Here at Passobello we believe that children are our one chance to make this planet a better place to live. That's why we'll give £1 to a child in need for every square metre of carpet we sell.

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