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We've curated our collections from some of the finest brands, but being great at making carpet doesn't necessarily mean you have a steamroller for a PR team. In fact, many of our brands just focus more on making than schmoozing, so we thought we'd give them an outlet for expression right here.


For nearly 30 years, Crucial Trading has been working to create beautiful textures, weaves and designs using the finest natural materials. Known for carpets that really stand out from the crowd, Crucial Trading is always at the forefront of creative design in carpet.


With a small but dedicated team of designers and craftspeople, the brand is always experimenting with new materials, interesting textures and beautiful patterns to help fuel your imagination and breathe new life into your home. See the collection here >>


Not so much a brand, but a great experiment from one of Britain's oldest and most prestigious carpet manufacturers, Grosvenor Wilton. Making carpets for some of the most prestigious stately homes, historic palaces, period houses, commercial venues and private residences, Woodward Grosvenor still makes carpets on traditional woven looms, weaving with premium quality wool and wool rich blends using fine worsted or woollen yarns, linen and other effect yarns.

The Diversity Collection transfers the company’s expertise in specialist restoration, historic and interior design markets to your home, with 12 designs inspired by Woodward Grosvenor's huge archive of classic 50s and 60s patterns, jazzing them up with contemporary colour palettes for a series of original and quirky carpets. See the creations here >>


Our carpets come fitted with the love and attention they deserve and at a time convenient to you.


Nothing can be better than seeing carpet in your home, so we will bring selected carpets to you, anytime of day or evening.


Beauty should always be backed by quality and so our carpets come with our no quibble guarantee.


With a mission to create the best carpets, Flock Natural Luxury is one of Passobello's most loved creators. Crafting carpets from premium Laneve wool fibre, exclusively from Wools of New Zealand, Flock Natural Luxury knows how to create beautiful patterns and textures for wool carpets.


The brand seems to be able to serve up a great blend of patterns, including the stand out lace-like Charollais and high-contrast floral of Arles, and heavy textures - check out the knitted jumper like Perendale - in a collection that is rounded and full of exquisite details.


The use of Laneve yarn from Wools of New Zealand gives Flock Natural Luxury a distinct advantage among wool carpet manufacturers. Carpets made from Laneve are created by selected partners from 100% New Zealand wool traceable back to the farmers who grew it. Laneve farmers must comply with a range of environmental, social responsibility and animal welfare standards, making these wool carpets par excellence. Discover more about Laneve and trace your carpet here >>


From 100% wool to luxury faux silk, here at Passobello we love Natural Elements for its ability to deliver bang-on contemporary style from one of our most traditional carpet fibres. With vibrant colours and luxe additions, a Natural Elements carpet can bring a unique twist to your home.


The brand is great at putting a unique twist on carpets, the twinkle of Lurex in Night Sky being one that really stands out, as well as creating very modern interpretations of traditional loop piles, and some exquisite colourful pinstripes.


With over 35 years of experience, while it sets its stall out as the 'new kid', Natural Elements has already built a fearsome reputation for its quality, but most of all for its youthful vitality and spirit. See Natural Elements here >>

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